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Tea Gardens in Assam


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Tea Gardens in Assam

Ever experienced greenery as that of a tea garden? Have you ever stayed in a tea estate or walked across the lush green tea garden and enjoy its mystic beauty? Surely you must want to undertake such a journey atleast once in your life! Well Assam in Northeast India is the place to be if you are looking for tea gardens to enthrall you.  Assam calls for an exotic trip to the tea gardens located here. Come, visit Assam to have that lifetime journey of tea gardens.

tea garden in Assam

Tea occupies an important place in Assam. Assam produces 51% of the tea produced in India and about 1/6th of the tea produced in the world. There are several tea gardens located in Assam, producing the finest quality tea. There are about 2500 tea gardens in Assam mostly found in Tinsukia, Dibrugarh, Sibsagar, Jorhat, Golaghat, Nagaon and Sonitpur districts of Assam.

tea garden

So, if you want to make trip to tea gardens in Assam, then Assam tea gardens are places where you can experience greenery, peace and serenity. You can do a whole lot of things in the tea gardens. You can enjoy nature walk to the lush and verdant tea gardens and rejuvenate yourself amidst green aromatic tea bushes. It is an awesome sight to witness the workers plucking tea leaves at the break of dawn.

tea garden resort

Most tea estates provide some of the best guest houses amid lush green tea gardens. These guest houses offer food and lodging facilities. A stay in these guest houses is a rare and heartwarming experience to wake up to the beauty of the tea garden and drink fine tea from the same garden. Or simply relax in the calm and peaceful environment.

Some of the major tea estates in Assam are Ambika, Jamirah, Gogaidubi, Amguri, tea estates of Tata Group of Companies, Wiliamson Tea Estates, Jalannagar Tea Estate, Dikom tea estate, Talap and many more.

Khongea Tea Estate

Tea Estates in Assam
(Source: https://glenburndirect.com)

Established in the late 19th century, the Khongea tea estate was initially started by two English ladies and since then it has been owned by the Prakash family and managed wonderfully. Under the able guidance of the Chairman of the company, Mr. Sudhir Prakash, Khongea estate has today become one of the highest yielding tea gardens of Assam. The estate has undergone many developments in the recent years with state of the art machinery being installed here.

Total Area: 490 Ha
Total Area under Tea: 450 Ha
Total Annual Production: 1,200,000 kgs
Permanent Work force: 1202
Families on estate: 770

The Khongea tea estate is one of those rare estates in Assam which had been established way more than 50 years back and since then has been running smoothly giving out the best tea of Assam.

Dikom Tea Estate

Tea Estates in Assam
(Source: https://www.rosselltea.com)

Another tea estate in the heart of Assam is the Dikom Tea estate. The Dikom tea estate is a very well maintained tea estate with great quality tea leaves. The name Dikom is derived from the Bodo language, where ‘Di’ means water. The reason the name Dikom was given was that the water here is very sweet and it is believed that owing to this sweet water, the tea plantations here also turn out to be so good.

Total Area: 1517 Ha
Area under Tea: 615 Ha
Annual Production: 14.00 lac kgs

Nokhroy Tea Estate

The Nokhroy tea estate is famous for its very clean and flawless tea plantations which is unique in its own way. The operation system of this estate is very well developed with more ambitious planting and uprooting system making its way. Owned by Rossell India, the Mokhroy tea estate in Assam yields 2265 kgs. of tea annually.

Total Area: 464 Ha
Area under Tea: 316 Ha
Annual Production:7.25 lac kgs

Bokakhat Tea Estate

Excellent quality tea is produced from the tea estates in Bokakhat. Due to the incredible tea quality produced from here, Bokakhat is well marked for tea plantations. The Bokakhat tea estate is located alongside the famous Kaziranga Wildlife sanctuary which is famous for its one horned rhinoceros. The average yield of tea from this estate is 1726 kgs.

Total Area: 414 Ha
Area under Tea: 309 Ha
Annual Production:5.25 lac kgs

Romai Tea Estate

Well known for its bright liquoring cup, the Romai Tea estate is another of the estates owned by Rossell India Limited. Considered one of the highest yielding tea estates in Assam, the Romai tea estate is an amalgamation of excellent quality tea and world class manufacturing materials.

Total Area: 465 Ha
Area under Tea: 312 Ha
Annual Production:7.25 lac kgs

Namsang Tea Estate

This estate is at a higher altitude which wonderfully contributes to the better plantation of tea. Located amidst a biosphere and river Buri Dehing, the spot of the tea estate gives an exceptional view. The flavour of the tea produced from the Namsang estate has its own flavour with its orthodox chatacter, loved by the people.

Total Area: 438 Ha
Area under Tea: 304 Ha
Annual Production:6.88 lac kgs

Kharikatia Tea Estate

Since its inception in the year 1874, the Kharikatia Tea Estate has been of of the best tea estates of Assam. Initially known as “Koreekuttea”, this estate was started by the Jorhat Tea company. With an average annual production of 8 lakh kgs, the Kharikatia Tea Estate contributes a lot to the total Assam tea production. Located in the town of Jorhat, the estate gives its visitors a scenic pleasure with greens all around. Rossell India Limited acquired Kharikatia Tea Estate in the year 2012.

Total Area: 742 Ha
Area under Tea: 448 Ha
Annual Production:8.00 lac kgs

Assam tea, famous not only in India but worldwide, is a major composing factor of Assam economy. The production not only contributes to the economy of the state through its export means but also calls for tourists due to scenic amazement. Apart from these, there are many other tea estates in Assam. They are:

A trip to tea gardens in Assam

Alimur tea estate
Phone: 0373-2387544

Boughpapa tea estate
Phone: 0373-2320270

Borborooah tea estate
Phone: 0373-2865695

Monohari tea estate
Phone: 0373-2382538

Jalannagar tea estate
Phone: 0373-2301125

Kamini tea estate
Phone: 786191

Tiniali tea estate
Phone: 786610

Joonktollee Tea Estate & Factory
P.O. Barbam-786 624
Dist. Dibrugarh, Assam

Shree Ganga Tea Estate
P.O. Barbam-786 624
Dist. Dibrugarh, Assam

Jamirah Tea Estate & Factory
P.O. Dibrugarh-786 001
Dist. Dibrugarh, Assam

Accommodation in Tea Estates in Assam

The visit to a tea garden also needs accommodation and hence a lot of resorts have come up where one can stay and take a tour of the tea gardens in Upper Assam. With the advent of the tourism sector in Assam owing to tea estates, the number of resorts and homestays in and around the areas has also increased. Some of the well known resorts around the tea estates in Assam where you can go, relax and enjoy the beauty of the greens are given below:

A trip to tea gardens in Assam

Padmini Resort
Padumani, Rangagora Road,
Assam, India
Phone: +917896143111, +91-9435528173
Fax: 91-000-0000000
Website: https://padminiresort.com/

Wathai Heritage Bungalow
Limbuguri Tea Estate, Tinsukia, Assam
Phone: +91-22-6150 6363

Ayur Sanjeeva
Tilikiam, Charingia, Jorhat – 785006
Phone: 0376 - 2394814
Fax: 0376 – 2394813

Mancotta Heritage Chang Bungalow
Phone: +91-22-6150 6363

Burra Sahib Bungalow

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